High frequency bot that works doing arbitrage in the forex market and earning cashback on traded volume.


Currency arbitrage is a low-risk trading strategy that allows traders to profit without exposure in open currency. The strategy involves acting on opportunities presented by price inefficiencies in the short window in which they exist. This type of arbitrage trading involves buying and selling different currency pairs to exploit any price inefficiencies.


You can receive up to $1 per traded lot, regardless of whether the arbitration results are positive or not. The strategy works with high trading volume, always making profit in some way.

Based in Australia, IC Markets offers superior execution technology, lower spreads and unmatched liquidity.

All clients have access to prices previously available only to investment banks and individuals with high net worth.

Serial Code: Required to run on live account, for backtesting it is not necessary.

Anomaly: Look for price discrepancies and open positions.

Margin: Volume used when opening the positions.

Cashback by lot: Estimate how much cashback you will earn by traded lot.

Only available for IBs: sales@arbfy.com